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Here we say the story about why we partner. How this project works and what we can do for the earth on earth day...etc

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Our hive

We understand that parenting is a tough gig — and while we can’t make it effortless, we can make it easier by helping parents give their little bees the purest start in life. Our Purest Layer™ is happily grown and made with every family’s little bee in mind®. Our worker bees are committed to delivering the highest quality organic products and using the best materials with a focus on sustainability.

You, our customers, are the reason we are here. Every day your stories and your families inspire us to be better. We welcome you into our hive to share your stories of joy and love.

About Rainforest Trust

In 1988, three visionary conservationists had a bold plan: to purchase and protect threatened rainforests and save endangered wildlife through community engagement and local partnerships.

Their vision became Rainforest Trust. And over 30 years later, our mission remains the same.

With every acre, we’ve grown in scale, scope and determination. We’ve already helped protect over 23 million acres around the world and have millions of acres in the pipeline, working toward the security of 50 million acres.

But we don’t just see these acres as land for protection. We see these acres as home to countless species who rely on the habitats contained within. We see them as the backyards of thousands of people who rely on them for fresh water and food supplies. We see them as part of the fabric of this planet we live on.

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